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02                                 SHIPPING PRACTICE

The black cross (*fc) preceding the 100 Ai notation and
the asterisk (*) following the BS notation indicate that
the entire construction of the ship was under the inspection
of the Society's surveyors.

The figure "i" indicates that her equipment of anchors,
cables, etc., is in good and efficient condition.

Ships are also classed for special or restricted service,
shown in the Register by a class notation under the character
of class, and in these cases the structure and arrangements
are subject to special approval.

The hull and machinery classifications are interdependent,
the latter being shown as LMC for Lloyd's Register ships
and MBS for British Corporation ships. The addition of
a cross (^) or asterisk (*) respectively, means that the
engines and boilers were constructed under the inspection
of the Society's surveyors.

The notation "Lloyd's RMC" (or "RMC" in the case of
classification with the British Corporation) indicates that
the ship holds a Refrigerating Machinery Certificate issued
by the Society and that details of the classification and
refrigerating installation are in Volume II of the Register

Classification with another society is denoted in this
column by the insertion of the initials of the society in
question. For example, "NV" signifies classification with
the Norske Veritas.

In classed vessels will also be found the last dates of
Special Periodical Surveys prescribed by the Society's

s.s.         1/31       Special Survey

Jan., 1931
(Dr) 1/31       Special Survey

Jan., 1931 (at which time the deck and shell
plating has been drilled)

These surveys become due at intervals of four years and
are the main inspections of ship for the maintenance of

Some mention should be made here as to the withdrawal
or expunging of a vessel's dass. If an owner requests that